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Touring Kayaks


These are the boats that you see slicing through the waves out on Georgian Bay and Lake Huron. Stretching from about 14 feet to 18 feet and even longer, they're designed for speed, efficient paddling and the ability to handle moderate to intermediate swells. They generally feature watertight compartments fore and aft for gear storage and floatation, as well as moveable rudders to assist with steering in crosswinds.

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Manufacturers of high quality, light-weight thermoform kayaks proudly built in North America.

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Model Material Length Width Weight Features Price




rotomolded polyethylene

14'6" 24" 57lbs 2 hatches, Rudder $2068.00
Squall GTS   rotomolded polyethylene  15'11"  22"  55lbs  2 hatches, Rudder $2135.00
Squall GT rotomolded polyethylene  16' 24" 63lbs 2 hatches, Rudder $2135.00

Carolina 14 *


rotomolded polyethylene 14'  24.5"  53lbs  2 hatches 





Delta 14 


Thermoformed  14' 23.75" 45lbs 3 hatches & Rudder $2175.00

Delta 15 S


Thermoformed 15' 22" 44lbs 3 hatches, Rudder $2380.00

Delta 15.5 GT


Thermoformed 15'6" 24" 49lbs 3 hatches, Rudder $2450.00

Delta 16

Thermoformed 16' 22" 48lbs 3 hatches, Rudder $2495.00
Delta 17


Thermoformed 17' 22.5" 50lbs 3 hatches, Rudder $2595.00
OLD TOWN      


Castine 140 Single Layer Polyethylene 14' 24.75" 53lbs 2 hatches, rudder capable $1599.00
Castine 145 Single Layer Polyethylene 14'6" 26.5" 56lbs 2 hatches, rudder capable $1599.00


Recreational Kayaks

Recreational boats are the fun loving kid brothers (or should we say kid sisters?) of the larger touring boats. Ranging from about 9 feet to around 14 feet in length, these smaller boats are equally at home on inland lakes, rivers, streams and ponds. What they lack in size and speed they more than make up for in terms of maneuverability and above all comfort, with wider cockpits, plushier seating and impressive primary and secondary stability. Some of the larger recreational boats feature one or more watertight compartment for gear storage, and some may have a skeg or rudder to assist with tracking in a straight line.

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Model Material Length Width Weight Features Price

Prodigy XS


rotomolded polyethylene 10' 23" 26 lbs. great for kids, smaller paddlers $609.00

Dagger Zydeco 9

rotomolded polyethylene  9'1" 28.5"   36.5LBS Zydeco 9.0 offers a comfortable but dialed-in cockpit design that's roomy enough for relaxation without sacrificing the performance capabilities offered by smaller cockpits  $639.00

Drift 9.5 *NEW*

rotomolded polyethylene 9'6" 28.5" 40 LBS safe entry-level kayak for a great value $449.00

Dagger Axis


rotomolded polyethylene 10'6" 28.5" 50 lbs. rear hatch, Skeg $1199.00

Dagger Zydeco 11

rotomolded polyethylene 11'2"  27.75" 48 lbs.  rear hatch  $829.00

Perception Joyride 12

 rotomolded polyethylene 12'2" 27.25"   53 lbs worry-free stability, super comfortable seating, quick and easy-access storage, and a convenient dashboard with Solo Mount accessory compatibility and the patent-pending Selfie Slot™   $1029.00

Perception Carolina 12


rotomolded polyethylene 12' 26" 49 lbs. 2 hatches $1279.00
Perception Expression 11.5  rotomolded polyethylene 11'7"   25.75"  44 lbs Skeg, rudder capable $1189.00
OLD TOWN            
Sorrento 106 SK

Single Layer thermoformed polyethylene

10'3" 29" 45 lbs

 Stern hatch,Skeg

Sorrento 126 SK

Single Layer thermoformed polyethylene

12'6"  28.5"  51lbs

Sten hatch,Skeg

Delta 12s Thermoformed  12' 24"  38lbs  3 hatches, adjustable seat  $1495.00
Delta 12 AR  Thermoformed 12' 26.5"  42lbs  2 hatches, large cockpit  $1450.00
Delta 12.10  Thermoformed 12'10'  24.5"  41lbs 3 hatches $1540.00

C.D. Kestrel 120

rotomolded polyethylene 12' 25" 47 lbs. rear hatch $1200.00

C.D. Solara 120

rotomolded polyethylene 12' 28" 54 lbs. 2 hatches $1200.00



Sit-On-Tops got their start when someone decided that it might be kind of fun to just sit on a surf board and paddle around in the waves for awhile... and as it turns out, they were right! Since then, SOT's have branched out into all kinds of variations, from whitewater trick boats to gentle family boats, from nimble wave surfers to ultra stable fishing, swimming and scuba platforms. They're a whole lot of fun for everyone, but are particularly suited to kids and also to adults who are just learning to paddle and are a little hesitant about being confined in a conventional kayak cockpit. Because they are generally more exposed to the elements they are definitely more of a warm weather inshore boat, but most have comfort and convenience features such as padded seat backs, cup holders, self-draining cockpits and cooler-sized "tank wells".

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Model Material Length Width Weight Features Price
OCEAN KAYAK            

O,K, Malibu 11.5 NEW

Single Layer Polyethylene  11"5"  31"   47 lbs QuickStash™ dry hatch 



Perception Tribe 9.5


rotomolded polyethylene 9'5"  31.25" 46 lbs Seat back $719.00


Angler Kayaks

Pescador Pilot 12

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Angler Editions - With angler graphics, rod holders, tank wells and more, these kayaks are outfitted for all your fishing needs with either rod holders, seat backs, tackle box storage etc...




Prescador Pro 10' Angler

  rotomolded polyethylene 10'6" 32"   57lbs  Pro Seat, Full of fishy features $1029.00

Pescador Pro 12' Angler


 rotomolded polyethylene  12'  32.5"  64lbs  Pro Seat,fishy features 



Pescador Pilot 12'

(with Propeler)

rotomolded polyethylene  12'5"  33.75"  85lbs  SOT, Fishing features, Pilot Drive Pedal drive System 


Caper Angler 11

polyethylene  11' 31" 47lbs
  • Two flush mounted rod holders
  • Paddle keepers
  • Angler graphics




Tandem Kayaks


If you thought paddling a kayak by yourself was fun, wait 'til you get the chance to take someone else along for the ride! Tandem boats are designed to provide two paddlers with a stable and comfortable boat that can go just about anywhere and allow you to do just about anything, from fitness paddling to fishing or from birding to photography. Tandems come in touring, recreational and sit-on-top versions so you'll be sure to find a boat that will be perfect for your style of adventure.


Model Material Length Width Weight Features Price

O.K. Malibu Two XL 

Poly 13'4" 34" 68 lbs. 2 seat backs, Seats two adults, plus a small child or pet. Can also be paddled solo from center seat.



Perception Cove 14.5 T


Poly 14' 6" 31.25"  71lbs including a movable bow seat that adjusts to pets, kids, or even for solo paddling, stern hatch,  $1299.00

Old Town Dirigo 15'5" Tandem

 Poly  15'3"  29.5"  72lbs Glove box hatch for cell phone, keys, etc., Optional Rudder System $1799.00



Modern canoes are the descendants of the fragile craft of wood and bark that opened up our continent to exploration and commerce. Most are now made of technical materials such as Kevlar, carbon and polymer laminates, but their general shape and details of design are those that were first developed on the forest floor. Ranging from short and sporty solo boats to long and lean racing shells, they still evoke the rich cultural heritage that gave birth to them. To paddle one is to paddle through the history of our nation; to own one is to own a treasured symbol of what Canada is all about.

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Model Material Length Width Weight Features Price

Old Town Saranac 146 

Thermoform Poly 14'6"  36" 79 lbs two contoured seats with comfortable seat backs and a center bench seat


Old Town Saranac 16 Thermoform Poly 16  37" 89 lbs

two contoured seats with comfortable seat backs and a center bench seat




Trailhead Bob Special

 Fiberglass 15' 35" 62 lbs

Perfect for the cottage and solo paddling


Trailhead Prospector 16


Fiberglass 16' 35" 67 lbs

Excels as a wilderness tripper, solo paddles well and works great as a cottage canoe


Trailhead Prospector 16

Kevlar 16' 35" 52lbs

Thwart & Yoke



PakCanoe 170

PVC skin held under tension by an interlocking framework of tubular aluminum 17'   56lbs





Stand Up Paddle Boards

Blu Wave SUPS


Stand Up Paddleboarding is an exciting alternative to conventional longboarding in that the surfer remains standing and moves through the water by paddling a long, canoe style paddle.
Typically more suitable for smaller summer beachbreak waves or a nicely lined up point or reef break, Stand Up Paddleboarding is also a great alternative to kayaking or canoeing on flat open waters such as protected harbours, inlets, inland lakes and even slow moving rivers.
What makes Stand Up Paddleboarding especially attractive is the fact that it's not only a new way to ride waves at your favorite break, but it's also a great activity and workout

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Model Material Length Width Weight Features Price
The Armada   10.6       $999.00


The Easy Rider Karma 10'6"


Light weight Fibreglass  10'6"  31"  28 lbs. Designed for Yoga $1099.00

The Karma 10.6 NEW

   10'6"  34"     $1199.00

The Armada 11.6 

Wood Finish  11'6"  31"  30lbs. New for 2019! Wood look finish. Ample stability for beginners. $1399.00

The Wave Rider 10'6" 

Fibreglass  10'6"  31"  28 lbs. Great for Beginners $1249.00
TheWoody10'6"  Fibreglass  10'6"  32"  27 lbs. Flat water and in waves $1499.00
The Big Woody 12'  Fibreglass  12'  32"  30 lbs. All rounder, durable $1599.00
The Catalina 11'4"  Fibreglass  11' 4"  30"  32 lbs. For Smaller paddlers and long trips $1699.00

The All Sport









  10'6" 32"   Incls: Red Paddle Co Backpack, Titan Pump, Repair Kit, Free water resistant phone case


Sport 11'3" Inflat


  11'3" 30"  

Incls: Red Paddle Co Backpack, Titan Pump, Repair Kit, RSS Battens, US fin box system, Free water resistant phone case









Rip Tide

  10'6" 33" 225lbs-250lbs Bombshell construction consists of top & bottom dual thermoformed sheets, pressed over an EPS core with Kevlar and PVC reinforced rails. This construction results in a virtually indestructible, lightweight, very affordable SUP.



  10'6" 32" 185lbs-205 lbs EPS core laminated with layers of fiberglass, bamboo veneer, stunning graphics & coated with high-grade paint and polish.


Rukus    10'6"  33" 225lbs-250lbs Bombshell construction consists of top & bottom dual thermoformed sheets, pressed over an EPS core with Kevlar and PVC reinforced rails. This construction results in a virtually indestructible, lightweight, very affordable SUP. $1229.00
Navigator    11'6"  31" 190lbs-215lbs Bombshell construction consists of top & bottom dual thermoformed sheets, pressed over an EPS core with Kevlar and PVC reinforced rails. This construction results in a virtually indestructible, lightweight, very affordable SUP.


SALE PRICE $1195.00


*In stock colors only for sale KAYAKS,  see the store for more details.

 *Color combinations may also vary and are unique for each KAYAK.

Model Material Length Width Weight Features REG PRICE SALE PRICE

Ocean Kayak Frenzy


rotomolded polyethylene 9' 31" 43 lbs Tank Well $675.00 $539.00
Ocean Kayak Scrambler rotomolded polyethylene 11'6.5" 29.5" 47 lbs Large tank well $799.00 $649.00
Dagger Roam 9.5 rotomolded polyethylene 9'9" 31.5" 56 lbs Skeg $1089.00 $799.00


Necky Eliza


 rotomolded polyethylene   15'3.5"  22"  50 lbs. 2 hatches, rudder   $1899.00 $1395.00 

Old Town NEXT

3 Layer Poly 13' 29" 29 lbs Recreational Solo Canoe, comes in Vibrant colours $1400.00 $1195.00
Wenonah Prospector 16 Flex Core w/Kevlar 16' 37" 52 lbs Yoke, Web Seats, down river $3449.00 $2449.00
Wenonah Boundary Waters Flex Core w/Kevlar 17' 36.5" 53lbs Yoke, Web Seats $3549.00 $2549.00

* Prices do not include HST, which will be extra. 


Unless otherwise noted all accessories are extra.

Suggested Kayak Accessories: PFD(Personal Flotation Device) carbon Kayak paddles, paddle float, paddle leash, neoprene sprayskirt, cockpit cover, paddling wetsuit, paddling jacket, neoprene booties, bailer pump, sponge, tow line belt, deck bag, marine compass, signal flares with launcher, strobe, dry bags, roof racks & Kayak carriers.

Suggested Canoe Accessories: Angler PFD's, laminated wood bent-shaft paddles, canoe yokes and pads, canoe packs, gear barrels & harnesses, throw bag, scoop bailer, lining ropes, seat pads, knee pads, sponge, thwart bags, dry bags, roof racks & gunwale bracket style carrier racks.

Suggested SUP (Stand-Up-Paddleboard) Accessories: PFD's, Inflatable belt packs, adjustable paddles, ankle leash, roof racks, waterproof phone cases, apparel, neoprene booties and safety kits.

See below for some featured Accessories.


CARRY YOUR KAYAK WITH EASE!  Check out our boat carts below

Malone Scupper Cart

Malone Boat Cart - Xpress™ 

Heavy duty scupper style kayak cart        

This newly designed cart features variable width control, 10" airless tires and a removable oversized center pad. Includes an aluminum frame, upright padding and stainless steel hardware. Fits most standard Sit-On-Top kayaks equipped with scupper holes. Adjusts in width from 6.5" to 17.5". 200 Lb load limit.


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This boat cart is a compact folding cart that makes it easy to haul your kayak or canoe from car to water and back again. The "All Terrain" tires are durable and travel well on paved or compacted surfaces. The frame is padded to protect your boat from scratches. 

• No Flat foam tires

• Collapsible for easy storage

• Padded frame

• Fits any hull shape

• Treaded tires optimal for hard ground or pavement



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The MPG510 SoloCart is designed specifically for use with standup paddle boards. This cart features fully padded bars with an adjustable inside width of 14" to 21". The integrated fin capture strap provides a quick and secure attachment and the "Never-Go-Flat airless tires provide years of hassle free service. Includes a Lifetime Limited Warranty. 

Please note: Specifications, prices and availability are subject to change without prior notice and apply to current stock only -- special orders may involve additional costs.

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